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Learn Snowflake Cloud Datawarehouse - Course, Tutorials, Examples, and Interview Questions

Learn Snowflake Data Warehouse 101 Free ebook

What is Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse ?

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse is a cloud-based data storage and analytics service provided by Snowflake Computing. It allows businesses to store and analyze their data using cloud-based tools. Snowflake is also a fully relational ANSI SQL data warehouse, and is offered as a warehouse-as-a-service where infrastructure, optimization, availability, data protection and more is handled by the Snowflake Computing team

Before we dive deep into the concepts, Why Learn Snowflake ?

Why Learn Snowflake ?

Snowflake is the fastest growing company with a valuation of 12 Billion (at the time of writing this guide). Lots of companies are moving from on-premise datawarehouse to the Cloud to make their data pipelines agile and economical. And Snowflake is very powerful and keeps innovating, So, Snowflake is a real thing, its going to stay for the next decade atleast.

As companies move over, there going to enormous demand for data engineers, data scientists, data Integration professionals who know Snowflake. So its a very good time to dive in. Moreover Snowflake is very simple to learn, understand and practice.

How Is Snowflake different from other Warehouses ?

Snowflake’s main differentiator as a cloud-based data warehouse is the separation of storage and compute, allowing each to be scaled independently at a cost-effective price. You are paying for the capacity and performance you use. There are other cloud-based solutions available with similar service offerings, but Snowflake’s customers say that they choose it for its scalability. Snowflake also has other innovative features like Zero copy cloning, Time-Travel which could save a lot for companies

Is Snowflake easy to learn ? Should i need prior experience ?

Snowflake uses standard ANSI SQL, so if you are familiar with SQL / have already worked on any of the SQL Based Cloud Data Warehouses, You can learn and call yourself a "pro" within few weeks

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