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Find and Replace Multiple Text

Step:1 Paste your input text:


Step:2 Type in your "Find" and "Replace" Rules:

or Download Replace.Rules

Step:3 Perform the Replace:

Find and Replace Text - Multiple rules at once

Just copy and paste the input data, type your replace rules manually or import them from a file, finally replace the text in one shot

  • Multiple find and replace in one shot
  • Auto saves your last find and replace rules into your browser's local storage
  • Easily replace multiple parameter names with actual values in a script
  • Easily maintain different replace rules in a replace.rules file. Allows you to easily switch between profiles / environment parameters

Open Replace.rules online

This online tool allows you to open replace rules files. If you already have a csv file with all the rules, simply replace the commas inside the csv file with ~~~ to convert them to a replace.rules file format that is compatible with this tool

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