Snowflake Data Warehouse Free Tutorial

I have been working on creating this free Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse Tutorial. Its under development and not fully ready, It does cover the basics though. Have a look and let me know if you have any feedback

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posted on 23 Apr 20

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Thanks for sharing this! I've been looking for snowflake tutorials and think it will help me a lot. Keep up the good work!


Glad it's helpful. I am adding more lessons everyday


Thanks i was also looking for tutorials  need one more thing i have to practice the queries and the function producers where i can learn that using snowflake



What do mean by function producers ? Can you elaborate


Thanks for sharing this detail. Can you please share the recommended ETL processes in snowflake? We are looking to load incremental RDS mysql data into snowflake staging table and then into dimension and fact but don't know where to start so I am stuck. Please guide. 


What do you use for other ETL tasks ? if you do not already have an ETL tool you can simply export data from the my SQL database and use the snow SQL client to insert the data into snowflake