what to install to get started with Teradata?

Typical base toolset for end users/developers submitting adhoc queries from each environment:

Windows (TTU 13.10 Client Install - 400MB)

  • Teradata SQL Assistant
  • Teradata .Net Provider and/or ODBC Driver
  • Teradata GSS & ICU Libraries
  • (Optional) WinBTEQ
  • (Optional) Teradata CLI - for WinBTEQ

Linux/UNIX/Mac OS X

  • Teradata JDBC Driver
  • Teradata Studio Express
  • (Optional - if using Eclipse)Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse

Many of these components can be found in the Teradata Developer's Exchange Downloads section. 

For ETL Development, you will be relying upon the BTEQ, FastLoad, FastExport, MultiLoad combined with the Teradata CLI to connect to Teradata.


posted on 10 Aug 18

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Earlier I used windows os for Teradata with vmware studio express and sql assistant. Now I am using Macbook but installation facing difficult.

Could you please upload a video or step by step instructions for teradata studio express and sql assistant in mac os.