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Snowflake now handles 300 million queries per day from its customer base

Snowflake now has some 2,500 customers and is adding to the list at a rate of around 500 per quarter, he told attendees - not bad for a platform that was only launched to the public in 2015.Overall, Snowflake now handles 300 million queries per day from its customer base.

But public cloud infrastructure is vital to what Snowflake does - and to some extent, that creates friction between the company and its tech-giant hosting partners, who all offer data warehousing services of their own.

What’s clever about Snowflake is how it splits compute from storage. This means that it can spin up ‘virtual data warehouses’ to handle specific workloads, which can be scaled up and down according to need, enabling concurrent workloads to run without impacting each other.

That, of course, calls for massive infrastructure resources of the kind that only Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud can provide. While Snowflake started life on AWS, which offers its own Redshift data warehousing service, it has subsequently launched on Azure (as of mid-2018), which offers Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and more recently, Google Cloud (as of June 2019), which offers BigQuery

The future looks bright for Cloud Data warehousing. More and more companies are now ditching their on-premise infrastructure and moving to the cloud. And you are just starting up. Now is the best time to jump in into learning Snowflake


posted on 10 Oct 19

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