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R vs Python for Data Science. The epic battle

If you are a machine learning enthusiast and once understood the fundamentals, the next big question ? to Python or R ?  

Both Python and R are popular open source programming languages for statistics. While R’s functionality is developed with statisticians in mind (think of R's strong data visualization capabilities!), Python is often praised for its easy-to-understand syntax and robustness

Python vs R in popularity:

By number of jobs:

Core differences between Python and R:

Use casePythonR
ObjectiveReal world production implementationsData analysis and statistics 
Target usersProgrammers and developersScholar and R&D 
Learning curveSmooth and linearDifficult at the beginning 
easy integration with appsRuns locally
IDE optionsSpyder, Ipthon Notebook
R Studio
EfficiencyPython is fasterR Packages are slow

I personally use python for my machine learning projects. What do you use in your machine learning projects ?  Tell us in the comment


posted on 16 Sep 18

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