How to schedule loading of excel file into snowflake?

One of my client is having daily excel data (approx 1 million records). This file need to be loaded into database.Client does not have any IT infrastructure available . I was thinking to recommend snowfalke but bit skeptical about this decision. What you recommend? Also, how data loading for these daily excel can be schedule on snowflake.


posted on 24 Aug 20

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  • The easiest way is to save the excel as csv file
  • Install the snow SQL client on the laptop
  • create a script to load the CSV file into snowflake table


Hi J Grover,

I would suggest please reach out to Snowflake support team - they will provide you the good answer of it. Why I am saying this thing is as you are thinking about to Implement Snowflake in your project or solutions. Or also you may refer Snowflake Document section.

Hope this help (y)