Download DDL/DML files from teradata using python

Hi all,

What approach should I follow to download DDL, DML and Stored Procedures from the teradata database using python.

I have created the sample code but what is the approach to download these sql files for data migration process.

udaExec = teradata.UdaExec(appName="HelloWorld", version="1.0",logConsole=False)

session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", system="xxx",username="xxx", password="xxx");

for row in session.execute("show tables {} > {}".format(tables, export_tables)):


Unlike MSSQL which had mssql-scripter to download .sql files, does Teradata provide any such option to download? Also, does it provide support to download sequences, views and procedures?

For the Schema Migration process, what should be the best approach to download these files from the Teradata as a source?


posted on 20 Dec 21

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I Havent scripted this in Python.

But downloading the ddls is relatively straight forward in Teradata.

Try this guide